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Take the EASY ROUTE to recycling with  Door 2 Door Recycling in your area! 

No more trips to the recycling drop off!  Just leave them at your curb and we will pick them up every other week.

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The following Items are accepted:




Important Facts about Glass Recycling

Market Value Prices at The Can Man in Jackson, Ms if interested in selling.

The Can Man accept Aluminum , Plastics, Cardboard, Paper, and Steel Cans.

  • Aluminum Cans .35 cents a lb; it takes 32 cans to make one lb.
  • Cardboard .015 cents a lb; one ton of cardboard is worth $40
  • Glass .00 cents a lb; still need to be kept out of the landfill.
  • Paper .01 cents a lb one ton of paper is worth $20.
  • Plastic .05 cents a lb; it takes 43 water bottles to make one lb. 
  • Steel Cans .05 cents a lb; it takes 11 cans to make one lb.
  • Used Cooking Oil is .10 cents a gal.

Drop off locations in Rankin county and Madison County; Accept Plastics, Paper, Cardboard and Aluminum cans.

The following item are NOT ACCEPTED :

  • Motor Oil / Automotive Containers.
  • Pestides Containers.
  • Gas Jugs
  • Soiled Items
  • Light Bulbs

Please rinse all recyclable items out if needed.

To encourage residents to recycle Door 2 Door Recycling is offering very low rate for curbside recycling services.